Modernize your processes.
Maximize your data.

See how CultureTrax accelerates discovery and supports reproducibility in cell culture work.

Track cell culture history over time.

Stem cell projects are complex. They often include work from different users, span long periods of time, and are done across geographic distances with distributed teams.

Tracking your cell line history is an integral feature of healthy data management, and it's baked right in to CultureTrax.

Share data with colleagues and delegate cell culture work.

Each cell culture or stem cell culture project contains robust instructions that can be easily followed and reproduced.

Handing off work when someone leaves the lab, or just has a vacation or unexpected life event, is simple and stress-free thanks to this digital productivity solution.

Keep your lab's recipes and materials up-to-date and centralized.

Rest easily knowing your specific methods and standard operating manuals are current and in use by your team.

Our single library format ensures your team is aligned and working from the same resource materials. That means you're not losing data to protocol drift, and are sharing the subtle tips and tricks that ensure successful results.

Record lot numbers and track materials.

CultureTrax provides designated fields for materials and lot numbers required for electronic batch records (EBR) and good laboratory practices. The data are recorded in semantic data fields, so they are available for data mining and on-demand interrogation.

Transfer methods with one click.

A centralized method library makes your lab's specific methods available and accessible in real time. They can be referenced at any time, from any location, with a single click. There is no searching. There is no ambiguity of what method to follow.

See how CultureTrax can accelerate your cell culture work.

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