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Quickly train new colleagues

Onboarding new cell culture scientist takes an investment in time and materials. With CultureTrax, it's faster, more efficient, and repeatable.

Two female cell culture scientists working with the aid of a tablet.
A female cell culture scientist pipetting under the biosafety cabinet.
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Consistently reproduce your science

Depending on a specific operator's "hands" isn't sustainable in your cell culture lab. What if they move on? CultureTrax helps ensure your cell culture work can be reproduced.

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Enable seamless collaboration

Collaborating on stem cell projects is complex. It can be difficult to share work and feel confident all the details are understood. CultureTrax offers a modern, effective solution.

A team of female cell culture scientists collaborating in a lab.
Tubes coming out of cryo storage in a cell culture lab
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Achieve real-time lab transparency

Because real-time visibility speeds discovery and eases communication, CultureTrax makes it easy to access all the details of your cell culture lab. Anytime. Anywhere.

—Benefit 05

Accurately track your consumables

If you didn't record it, it never happened. For cell culture science, accurate material tracking matters. And CultureTrax makes it simpler than ever.

A cell culture scientist pipettes into a six well plate and several dishes.

Meet the software that helps you focus on your science.

CultureTrax is the software sidekick that's modernizing processes, maximizing data, and digitally transforming how cell culture scientists work.

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Try CultureTrax software for three (3) months and experience for yourself the value of a modern cell culture productivity platform.

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