Version 1.2 New Functionality

In addition to Plan/Work and View/Report, CultureTrax now has a ‘new’ mode: Multi-Track Actions (MTA).  Users can use MTA mode to set up individual continuing actions (like feed or treat), across all of their culture tracks that share a common protocol template.

With MTA mode, users can also apply a ‘No Action’ across any of their culture tracks regardless of protocol template.

In addition, after an MTA is applied to multiple culture tracks, users can complete the action across culture tracks and also complete those culture tracks ‘for the day’ directly within MTA mode.

CultureTrax now offers a ‘sharing’ feature available for all lab members to either view or execute each other’s culture work.  There is a new ‘owner’ field within culture track details that defaults to the name of the logged in user.  When a user adds or creates (via passage) a culture track, they are the ‘owner’.  During culture track set-up, the owner has the option to add their entire team or just specific team members to a new ‘Collaborator’ section. The collaborator(s) can then see the shared culture tracks by choosing the owner’s name from the new dropdown menu in their dashboard.

Collaborators can view or complete any culture work for the owner and completed actions are time and date stamped with their initials so the owner can see who completed the work.

The owner can un-share a culture track at any time.

When an owner shares a culture track, a sharing icon appears on that culture track.  By touching or hovering over the icon, the owner can reveal who the culture track is shared with.

When the same culture track is being viewed or opened by two users at the same time a ‘conflict watch’ icon appears for both users.  If a user touches or hovers over the icon, they can see who else is looking at or working on the culture track.

To change ‘owners’ (i.e., pass cells to another lab member), only the user who is the owner can select a ‘move’ action and then edit the owner field to a different lab member name.

There is a new navigation button that takes users to the last day of recorded culture work with one click.

Version 1.2 design improvements

There is a new CultureTrax user type called ‘Lab Contributor’.  The lab contributor can add and modify ‘Lab’ level materials, documents, and protocol templates, but cannot add or deactivate lab members.  The permission levels of the other two user types, Lab Administrator and Lab User, remains unchanged.

There is a new ‘Help Text’ popover for the lab group management page that directs users to the CultureTrax Learning Tools article for adding and managing lab members. 

Any vessel materials that were specified for passage or thaw actions within their protocol template are now imported to the ‘Vessel Materials’ section when adding an ending vessel as part of that action.

The material library is now filtered to ‘coated vessels’ when a user adds vessel materials;

while performing an unstructured experiment.

when using a protocol template with no vessel materials defined in a thaw or passage action.

when adding a new culture track.

Updates have been made to the starting and ending concentration drop-downs in recipes.  The updates include, mg, mg/L, g, ug, ug/L, and Units.

The material library has been updated to include new material types: Buffer, Analysis Reagent and Consumable

Material attributes have been updated to include ‘Aliquots’, (recipe materials only) and ‘Stock’ and a new check box to indicate ‘Protect from Light” is available for single ingredient materials.

Optional fields for Manufacturer Name and Manufacturer Part Number have been added to the material information section for single ingredients.

The platform now defaults to the ‘Today’s Actions’ tab when a culture track is expanded instead of switching from the ‘Vessels’ tab to the ‘Today’s Actions’ tab.

To reduce manual scrolling, culture tracks headers now automatically align with the top of the browser window upon expansion.