What is our Early Access Partnership Program?

CultureTrax is a cloud-based software system designed specifically for stem cell culture. Our current release enables you to plan, execute, document and share your culture work easily, but we aren’t interested in stopping here. As we continue to build features, we aim to provide solutions for the stem cell community by working closely with collaborative partners in the field. That is why we have designed the Early Access Partnership Program (EAP Program).  This program is a collaborative opportunity and offers partners early access to CultureTrax while we analyze their usage and input to further advance the platform.  

What’s in it for our Early Access Partners?

•       Early access to a powerful tool for stem cell research

•       Ability to influence the design of the product features to directly benefit your research

•       Priority training & support on CultureTrax

•       Reduced subscription fees

Who are we looking for?

Our EAPs are leaders in the stem cell research community, lab managers and educators who are looking for innovation to drive laboratory efficiency and manage scale. They understand the value of organizing and standardizing their culture workflows. They are interested in allowing scientists to share and collaborate, linking data to cell culture and archiving valuable cell data. 

Are you interested?

If this sounds like you, please contact us by sending a short email through the contact link below. We currently have three open EAP opportunities for qualifying labs. 

What people are saying:

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Protect Your valuable data

CultureTrax maintains critical information I would not know after those who did the work left the lab months or even years earlier.” Prof. Allison Ebert, Medical College of Wisconsin

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reduce errors and save time

“Providing immediate, paperless access at the hood to protocols, recipes and the experimental plan will minimize human error and really save us time.”  Prof. Rebekah Gundry, Medical College of Wisconsin

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share complex workflows

“CultureTrax addresses the complex biological nature of stem cell workflows. The ability to collaborate more effectively with other scientists, and to transfer detailed protocols and cell line histories will significantly improve my lab's research efficiency and enable translation to clinically relevant protocols.”  Timothy Kamp, Professor of Medicine, University of Wisconsin, Madison