What We Do

Our vision is to accelerate scientific discoveries and breakthrough therapies based on advanced cell culture technology. As part of the scientific community, we provide transformative web-based information tools which empower cell culture scientists to realize the full potential of their research and collaborate more effectively.


Our Team


CultureTrax is a product of Cellara, which was founded in 2012 by a group of veteran product development engineers and stem cell scientists. We are a Wisconsin-based company headquartered in Madison, a world-class center of the most advanced cell culture science and information technology.


Scott Fulton


38 years in R&D, marketing & management in the biotechnology and life science tools industries (Amicon/WR Grace, PerSeptive Biosystems, Genzyme Transgenics). Founder & CEO of BioSystem Development, LLC, a tools company successfully sold to Agilent Technologies in 2011. 

Reidar Aamotsbakken


18 years in biomedical product and software development (UW-Madison, PowderJect, Gammex, CareFusion). Co-founder of Swift Manufacturing & Engineering, a contract mechanical design & manufacturing company.


Tori Sampsell

VP Product Management

11 years in stem cell research, education, and business development (WiCell Institute, Madison College, and Life Technologies).

Kevin Conard


18 years in pharmaceutical and stem cell research (PowderJect, WiCell Institute, Stemina Biomarker Discovery).



Software Development and CLOUD Deployment Partner

Led by a CEO with a background in biochemistry and cybersecurity, and with over 14 years’ experience designing, building and running complex web-based platforms and e-commerce solutions, Acumium is highly qualified to collaborate with Cellara to implement CultureTrax.